Sprayground is always releasing new and cool backpack collections. If you want your run-of-the-mill, black backpack then you’re looking in the wrong place!

Their most recent collection features a money theme, and may have some of the coolest graphics we’ve ever seen on a backpack. So who better to rep for the brand than Young Money’s own Lil’ Twist

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The lookbook for the Sprayground 2012 Summer/Fall collection features the YMCMB artist modeling with the Gold Brick Deluxe Backpack from the “Gold Collection, as well as the Money Stacks Backpack, Duffle Bag, and Lil Ben Deluxe Backpack from the Money Collection.

The Wherever You Are rapper looks super cool in his car, on his bike, or just hanging out with all of the items from the collection. 

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One item in particular, The Lil Ben Deluxe Backpack, bears a striking tattoo resemblance to the YMCMB boss, Lil Wayne. Maybe that’s why Twist has so many pictures with that particular bag?

The entire collection, designed by DBD, is super dope and you can check out the lookbook, shot by Derick G in the gallery above. 

The Money Stacks backpack and duffle bag are available now, but look out for the rest of the items in the lookbook to drop soon.


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