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Justin Combs is one blessed kid.

His father, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is a music mogul, producer/rapper, businessman, clothing designer, vodka connoisseur, inventor of “the remix,” oh and how could I forget, he’s currently the reigning Forbes Cash King.  

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Besides being blessed with money and a famous father, Justin Combs has been blessed with the talent to play football – really well. 

While Diddy was running the city and “diddy-bopping” across Grammy stages, his son Justin was working hard in school, making the honor roll and excelling at his passion: football. 

By the end of his high school career, Justin had college recruiters fighting over him to play for their school.

And after careful consideration, Justin decided to make UCLA his “home” with a $54,000 full athletic scholarship awaiting his acceptance.

Now, everyone’s mad that a millionaire’s son received a scholarship because he does well in school and plays a great game of football. 

What kind of sh*t is that? Isn’t this America? 

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Who cares if Diddy just bought the Delano or has expensive portraits of Christopher all up in his condo?

At the end of the day, Justin earned a 3.75 GPA when he graduated high school and he earned his UCLA scholarship – fair and square.

I don’t get it!

Fellow Americans actually want to strip an 18-year-old young man of the honor of receiving a full ride to a prestigious university like UCLA, because his daddy is rich? 

Well, guess what?

Anyone who thinks Justin should be stripped of his scholarship is suffering from a terrible case of “bitchassness.”

Now, take that, take that (Diddy voice)!

Let’s think about this clearly.

We all know Diddy has money to blow, and by the end of Justin’s first semester Diddy will probably be blowing money fast at various UCLA charity events, student fundraisers and guest speaking about how to make it in America – all “for the free.” 

Stop it with the bitchassness and let Justin Combs enjoy this happy time in his life. 

I’m going to take the words right out of Diddy’s mouth and say, be inspired by Justin’s hard work, and be inspired that if he could do it, you can do it too.

~ Brittany Lewis

Brittany Lewis is the Music Editor at GlobalGrind and a Howard University Alumna. Brittany considers herself seasoned on all the pop culture ish that matters. Follow her on Twitte@Buttercup_B.  













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