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With a knockout luxury brand, comes a new knockout spokesperson.

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Boxing champion Muhammad Ali will be featured in the new Louis Vuitton print ad launching on June 14th in 60 countries.

Not only is Muhammad in the shot, but he also requested that his adorable three-year-old-grandson, Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr., be photographed with him. Curtis Jr, who is Laila Ali’s son, looks just like his grandfather!

The ad was shot by Annie Leibovitz in Muhammad’s Phoenix home and features Ali and his little grandson wearing boxing gloves and sticking his chest out. Ali is photographed relaxing in his home with the $1,525 Keepall logo bag sitting open beside him.

Other notable icons that have appeared in the brand’s ads are Mikhail Gorbachev, musician Keith Richards, and most recently, actress Angelina Jolie.

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How cute is Muhammad Ali’s grandson? He looks prepared to follow in his grandfather and mother’s footsteps!