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Is there really a zombie apocalypse going on? After the horrific cannibal attack on Ronald Poppo by Rudy Eugene during Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, it seems as though a new zombie-like story has come about every day.

NOT AGAIN! Miami Man On Bath Salts Tries To Bite Police

There have been four attacks altogether since we first heard about a possible “zombie apocalypse” less than two weeks ago. But why is this happening? U.S. police warned of a new mind-altering drug called Cloud Nine, which may be the cause of all this insanity.

Cloud Nine is an ecstasy-like drug. It is part of a new line of over-the-counter bath salts, which was the cause behind the Memorial Day Weekend attack where Eugene, a growling naked man, chewed off most of Poppo’s face.

DETAILS: Bath Salts: The New Crack Cocaine

While on Cloud Nine, users experience heart palpitations, nausea, hallucinations, paranoia and erratic behavior.

These side effects all fit the behavioral description of each cannibal attacker that we’ve learned about so far: 

1. Rudy Eugene: The most well known case thus far. Eugene was shot and killed by Miami police while eating the face of Ronald Poppo on May 26. He was reportedly high on bath salts. Poppo is now recovering in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

2. Brandon DeLeon: This 21-year-old homeless man was high on drugs and drunk on Four Loko when he tried to bite off a police officer’s hand after he was arrested for disturbing customers in a Miami fast food restaurant on June 2. DeLeon repeatedly banged his head against the patrol car plexiglas divider while yelling, “I’m going to eat you.”

While at the police station, he then tried to bite the officer who was tending to him. The police report noted that he “growled and opened and closed his jaw slamming his teeth like an animal would.”

3. Carl Jacquneaux: Accused of attacking Todd Credeur at his home in Scott, Louisiana, this past weekend after he became upset following a domestic issue. Credeur reportedly managed to spray Jacquneaux, 43, in the face with wasp spray to stop him from eating his face. A friend of the victim said she believes Jacquneaux was under the influence of Cloud Nine.

4. Alex Kinyua: A college student, 21, used a knife to carve up Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, before eating his heart out and parts of his brain.

He then went on Facebook to brag about it to his friends saying: “Are you strong enough to endure ritual HBCU mass human sacrifices around the country and still be able to function as human beings?”

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