New Jersey man Jargget Washington, 29, was so high on PCP, he bit off his own finger, swallowed it, and then tried to gnaw off his wrist! STORY: Would Ya Look At That! Miami Face Eater Had No Bath Salts In System As reported by the Star Ledger: Washington of Union Street, is charged with […]

It’s been two months since homeless drifter Ronald Poppo, 65, had his face chewed off on the Miami Causeway over Memorial Day weekend by Rudy Eugene. The bizarre attack prompted everyone to dub Eugene, who was said to be under the influence of balt salts, the Miami Zombie. STORY:  Would Ya Look At That! Miami Face […]

A fund set up for the homeless victim of Miami’s infamous face-eating attack has collected a whopping $100,700 in less than seven weeks! STORY: Who Knew? Miami Cannibal, Rudy Eugene, Met Ronald Poppo Before Face-Eating Attack The donations will first help cover health care costs for 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, who was resting in the shade underneath […]

In a new twist in the Miami face-eating cannibal case, Rudy Eugene, the man who was shot and killed after police discovered he was eating the face of a homeless drifter, actually knew his victim. STORY: Miami Cannibalism Caused By Cannabis-Induced Psychosis?! In an interview with the Miami Herald, Eugene’s friend Christian says the two […]

We were all shocked when we found out that the May 26th cannibal attack in Miami, which kicked off this crazy “Zombie Apocalypse,” was not caused by bath salts. DETAILS: Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene Laid To Rest The bath salt drug (a drug that has been linked to psychotic reactions and hallucinations in some users) was […]

And the bath salts epidemic strikes again! A Pennsylvania mom, who smoked bath salts in a maternity ward two days after giving birth last month, was arrested for allegedly assaulting hospital staff and police. STORY: Chinese Cannibal! Did Bath Salts Invade The Far East? According to the NY Daily News, Carla Murphy, 31, stripped naked, […]

The cannibal plague has gone international, as a woman in China has been hospitalized after a drunken bus driver allegedly attacked her and began gnawing on her face. STORY: Would Ya Look At That! Miami Face Eater Had No Bath Salts In System  The woman, only identified as “Du,” was driving near a bus station […]

Rudy Eugene, the man dubbed the Miami cannibal who was shot and killed when they found him chewing the face of a homeless drifter, did not have bath salts in his system. STORY: Awake & Alert! New Pic Shows Face-Chewing Victim Ronald Poppo (GRAPHIC PHOTO) Lab tests detected only marijuana in the system of Eugene […]

  Well, at least she didn’t eat anyone! A Denver woman was arrested for urinating on a $30 Million piece of art in a museum, and of course the bath salts were to blame.  STORY: Stop With These Bath Salts Already! N.Y. Mom Dies On Drug After Tasing The hallucinogenic drugs were catapulted to the mainstream […]

Ronald Poppo, the 65-year-old homeless drifter who had his face chewed off over Memorial Day weekend, is now “awake and alert,” according to doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center. STORY: Cannibal? Autopsy Reveals Miami Face Eater Had No Flesh In Stomach According to the Associated Press, a photograph shown to reporters Tuesday portrayed Poppo […]

    Rudy Eugene died a horrific death after being shot to death by police who were trying to stop him from rabidly consuming the face of a homeless man.  STORY: Cannibal? Autopsy Reveals Miami Face Eater Had No Flesh In Stomach  Since then his name has been synonymous with assumed zombie apocalypses, cannibal outbreaks and […]

  The nation was up in zombie arms after news surfaces of Rudy Eugene attacking a homeless man on the Miami Causeway and eating his face, conning the now dead man as “The Causeway Cannibal.” PHOTOS: Rudy Eugene’s Miami Face-Eating Victim Revealed As Ronald Poppo! But now, autopsy reports are showing that Rudy may not […]