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The nation was up in zombie arms after news surfaces of Rudy Eugene attacking a homeless man on the Miami Causeway and eating his face, conning the now dead man as “The Causeway Cannibal.”

PHOTOS: Rudy Eugene’s Miami Face-Eating Victim Revealed As Ronald Poppo!

But now, autopsy reports are showing that Rudy may not have been eating the flesh of his victim at all, and was possibly just ripping it off with his teeth. 

STORY: Naked Man Killed After Eating Another Man’s Face

The autopsy report on the body of Eugene found traces of yet-to-be identified pills in his system, but showed no trace of ingested flesh.

As reported by the Miami Herald: 

The world is calling Rudy Eugene, who chewed off a homeless man’s face, a cannibal — but an autopsy shows there was no human flesh in his stomach.

The post-death examination did reveal a number of undigested pills in his stomach, but investigators have not identified them yet, a law-enforcement source told The Miami Herald.

A Miami police officer shot and killed Eugene, 31, on May 26 as he attacked a homeless man in broad daylight off the MacArthur Causeway, tearing off his face with his teeth. By the time police arrived, most of the victim’s face was gone. Police found pieces of torn skin on the concrete sidewalk where the attack occurred.

Eugene’s autopsy records have not been released to the public, and will likely not become available until Miami-Dade prosecutors finish their review of the shooting. That could take more than a year.

A preliminary review found the presence of marijuana in Eugene’s system, a law enforcement source said, which was no surprise because Eugene’s family and friends widely reported that he was fond of smoking pot.

But marijuana doesn’t usually spark violent attacks. Whether the pills found in his stomach played a role in Eugene’s outburst of violence is unknown. Toxicology tests will take weeks to complete.

Investigators assume some type of drug fueled Eugene’s bizarre behavior, but they have no indication that he may have used “bath salts,” a synthetic stimulant that in some cases can lead to psychotic episodes, paranoia and violence. Miami’s police union has speculated that Eugene might have been acting under the influence of bath salts.

Not sure if the updates make this case any less horrifying. It is still a crazy, crazy story that resulted in a chewed up face, a dead man and the spreading of zombie rumors. 

SOURCE: Miami Herald