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A fund set up for the homeless victim of Miami’s infamous face-eating attack has collected a whopping $100,700 in less than seven weeks!

STORY: Who Knew? Miami Cannibal, Rudy Eugene, Met Ronald Poppo Before Face-Eating Attack

The donations will first help cover health care costs for 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, who was resting in the shade underneath MacArthur Causeway’s Downtown exit ramp May 26th when he was brutally attacked by a naked Rudy Eugene. Poppo’s nose and most of his upper face were torn and chewed off in the 18-minute attack, which was caught on nearby surveillance cameras.

Poppo is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, according to officials at Jackson Memorial Hospital. But there is still no price set on the costs to treat his severe injuries, nor an estimate for long term care.

Larry Clarke, director of communications for the Jackson Memorial Foundation, says:

“I don’t think anyone has any idea of what that cost would be.” 

Any remaining funds would be distributed directly to Poppo. 

Nicholas Namias, JMH/University of Miami surgeon says:

“It’s amazing. He’s an extremely charming man. You talk to him, he’s very upbeat, he’s very pleasant, he hasn’t said one thing negative to me. Every time I ask him how he’s doing, he says he’s doing fine.”

We’re glad for Poppo that hundreds of people have donated to help his cause, sizing up to over 100K, but mostly because he’s had the ability to keep a positive attitude in his unusual and unfortunate set of circumstances.