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In a new twist in the Miami face-eating cannibal case, Rudy Eugene, the man who was shot and killed after police discovered he was eating the face of a homeless drifter, actually knew his victim.

STORY: Miami Cannibalism Caused By Cannabis-Induced Psychosis?!

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Eugene’s friend Christian says the two had met Ronald Poppo before, while volunteering with Miami’s homeless community.

Christian told the Herald: 

“Poppo seemed like a nice and kind man…I remember when we gave him food.”

Poppo, who has been called “extremely charming” by staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital where he continues to recover, was napping in the shade of the Metrorail when Eugene attacked him after crossing the MacArthur Causeway on foot.

Toxicology reports were unable to prove that an illicit substance was to blame for Eugene’s gruesome act, as many speculated that he was high on ‘bath salts,’ sparking a fear of a zombie apocalypse across the country.