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Ice Cube is a man of many talents.

From making it out of the hood to gracing the silver screen in Hollywood, Ice Cube has hustled his way to a better life.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ice Cube Weighs In On Pusha T & Lil Wayne’s Beef 

Now, Ice Cube has teamed up with DJ Khaled and DJ Drama to embark on a search to find the Coors Light Coldest MC.

GlobalGrind caught up with Ice Cube to talk about the state of hip-hop, his current favorite rappers and of course, we wanted all the juice about a new Friday movie starring Chris Tucker. 

Check out our exclusive interview below!

GlobalGrind: So you DJ Khaled and DJ Drama are all looking for the coldest MC?

Ice Cube: Yeah, we’re looking for MCs, real lyrics, not just hooky hooky jingles. We’re looking for somebody who’s cold and who’s fly. It’s cool that Coors Light stepped up to the plate to help us really search for this new MC.

What qualities do you look for in a MC?

It’s got to be lyrics and delivery. It’s got to be a clever use of the language that we’ve all heard. How can you present what we like in a different package? That’s always interesting for the new MCs to master, because that’s what people like. If you really break it down, people been talking about pretty much similar topics in hip-hop. It’s all about the presentation, so then you go to delivery. Do you have the delivery, the voice that is captivating, and the confidence? Last is really the look and aura. Do you feel like this is an MC, or do you feel like this is somebody that is trying to rap? 

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

If you just really looking for the mainstream to deliver your hip-hop all you going to see is pop-hop, which is cool. It works for certain people and the radio loves it and obviously somebody is listening to it because it keeps going back to it. But you got to be a real hip-hop fan nowadays. You got to dig deep. You got to really go search for the great and the good people if you’re really digging that deep. So, if you’re a surface dweller as far as hip-hop, you’re going to just get all the stuff that they want to feed you. It’s a treasure hunt right now.

Who are some of the new artists you like?

Oh, there’s a few people out there doing their thing. I like the music Drake do. I think a lot of his stuff bang. Kanye West is always interesting. Lil Wayne does his thing and it’s cool. Everybody got their lane and they really pushing at it. As far as like the new, new up-and-coming, underground groups—I’m  kind of biased because I’m really trying to get my sons to a status where they can drop a record. 

Is the N.W.A. biopic still in the works?

Oh, yeah. Got Gary Gray directing the movie, and we’re moving full steam ahead. We got the first draft of a script that was good. Now we want to make it great, so we’re working on a second draft. I’m excited about that project.

Have you guys started to figure out who’s going to play whom?

Nah. That comes after we get the script right. You don’t want to count your chickens before they hatch. It’s a process.

Is there anyone in particular you want to play yourself or Dre?

I want my son to play me. He looks like me. He definitely can rap like me if he wants to. I think he got the chops to act like me. That’s my dream. But, he still has to land the part. I want to do justice to the legacy of N.W.A., so I’m not going to be blinded by any kind of nepotism or favoritism or nothing like that.

What about Friday? There were talks that you were working on a script.

Yep, saw Mike Epps yesterday.

He’s so crazy!

Yeah, he’s a fool for real.

Is Chris Tucker getting back on board?

I hope so. I got a part written in for him. It’s really about Chris. I’m not going to beg him to be in the movie, but I’m going to ask him…twice. (laughs) And hopefully he’ll do it. We’re trying to make a deal. That’s what the fans want. I want to give the fans what they want, but with or without Chris, we’re going to make you laugh. It’s a funny movie. It’s a lot of funny, new characters that pop in, mixed with a lot of the characters that we’ve known over the three movies. It’s crazy and it’s back to the basics.

Are you working on new music?

I’m working on an album called Everything’s Corrupt. It’s that West Coast hip-hop that people expect from me.