The Real Housewives are always trying to find ways to make money and stay rich and fabulous.

As it turns out, some of them have now added fashion designer to their bulging resume. Initially, we thought it was just a coincidence, but now we see it’s become a full-fledged trend, with at least one housewife from almost every state trying her hand as a designer.

The Real Housewives” Are Getting A Lotta REAL Paper!

The newest housewife to dive into the world of fashion is NeNe Leaks from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

As if she isn’t already bringing in stacks from appearances in Glee, Celebrity Apprentice and other gigs, she’s now setting her sites on the fashion world. The boisterous housewife announced that she wants to offer women high fashion for a lesser cost.

Nene Leakes: “Don’t Mess With My Gays, Honey!”

Although some of the reality stars who’ve come before her didn’t quite make the cut, take a look at some of the brand builders that wanted to take over your closets in the gallery above!



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