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And the Chris Brown vs. Drake and Meek Mill saga continues, and this time Roscoe Dash is the target. 

BURY DA BEEF! Chris Brown & Drake Fight In New York City Nightclub!

As we reported this morning, Chris Brown and Drake were involved in a heated fight at one of New York City’s hottest downtown nightclubs, W.I.P. 

The fight resulted in bottles being thrown and Chris Brown taking a bottle to the face. Chris Brown’s bodyguard Big Pat was also injured in the altercation and eventually had to seek medical attention. 

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Roscoe Dash decided to weigh in on the fight on Twitter, tweeting:  

Not really feeling Meek Mill’s response, Roscoe Dash tweeted back at Meek:


No one quite knows all the details of this developing story, but we do know that Drake and Chris Brown never physically came in contact with each other. 

Meek Mill’s involvement in the altercation is still unsubstantiated, and as Meek tweeted early this morning “It wasn’t me (shaggy voice).”

We don’t know all the nitty-gritty details, but one thing we do know is that all celebrities who weren’t there should probably stay quiet.