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Lena Dunham the star of HBO’s hit show Girls, is the reason Drake and Chris Brown had an all out brawl in New York City. 

The 26-yea- old actress who plays Hanna Horvath on Girls took to twitter to express her remorse about the entire situation, tweeting:

“I am ashamed about the brawl I started between Drake and Chris. I don’t think before I act and I have to change.”

Is jewish rapper Drake willing to bust bottles for this Emmy Nominated actress, in real life? Probably not, it looks like it’s more of a case of Lena’s hilarious humor and wit. 

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A year ago things were different, no one knew who she was and she admits that if it wasn’t for Girls, the show that’s taking the world by storm she would be, “under my covers, hiding from people, reading every obscure blog entry possible.”

We know all about Hanna’s jumpoff relationship, getting fired from an internship after an extortion and working at a lowly coffeeshop, but what do we know about Lena the person? 

Well below we have 10 things you need to know about the woman behind Hanna from Girls, Lena Dunham. 

1. She wants to make a weird movie: “Part of me that still wants to write a weird poem and publish it in an obscure journal, or make a movie that’s completely devoid of a narrative.”

2. Lena had an obsession with Jimmy Fallon and recently blurted it out to him the moment she sat on the couch at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. She still has a napkin with his autograph on it. 

3. She has a poem book by singer Jewel that she classifies as one of her important things. She re-found it while packing up her old apartment to move into a new one. 

4. Family dinners are ruined because her parents are facsinated with the concept of Jeggings. She tweeted, “Never gonna stop by my parents’ house for dinner again if they’re going to talk this much about the concept of jeggings. Oh wait I love it.”

5. Once when she spent a night outside of her home for 24 hours she came back to discover her neighbors might be secret agents. So she tweeted about them saying, “But 2 of my neighbors appear to be secretly conferencing on the roof wearing safari hats & white towels for scarves. Should I go back home?”

6. She wrote a million sex scenes just to touch her co-star Adam Driver’s body. 

7. After her writing partner said one of her scenes came off as a little bit like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, she revealed that she never watched the hit show or many other sitcoms, only Friends. 

8. She also has a crush on Michelle Obama, so much so she wants to same-sex marry her.

9. Her dog has a crush on her. “There’s nothing worse than cuddling your dog then realizing he has a full red boner. It’s like your dad, brother and son all having a boner.”

10. She tweets about her mother a lot… A whole lot. 

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