In honor of World Mental Health Day, check out celebrities who've openly spoken out about their mental health issues inside.

Lena Dunham is always passionate when it comes to seeking equal rights and justice for women, so it comes as no surprise that she feels the Bill Cosby mistrial verdict is unjust. The Girls star took to Twitter. See below: Lena continued: But it didn’t stop there. The actress offered some kind words to Cosby’s […]

This week, the Girls series finale caused quite a stir when Lena Dunham‘s character, Hannah, seemed to have a Black (or brown) baby. Well, the real mother of that baby is speaking out. The baby playing Grover, Hannah’s child, is not Black. According to his mother, Jaclyn Nichole, her son, who is one half of […]

If by any chance you tuned into the series finale of HBO’s Girls, you might have been caught off guard by a melanin surprise. Let us catch you up to speed. The lead character of the show, Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, is White. Hannah becomes pregnant by a stoner dude character named Paul-Louis, played […]


I was added to the group Pantsuit Nation a few days after doomsday by one of my old graduate Women’s Studies peers. It’s been interesting seeing how the world and rhetoric in 2016 have shifted to include all the topics we as students would discuss in our roundtable women’s studies classroom: race, ableism, privilege, gender […]

Check out these celebs who've begged for forgiveness in 2016.

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“I never want to see another poster that’s four White girls”


Conversations about race are awkward for most people. But at a certain point, confrontation is the only tool left at our disposal. Martin Luther King is remembered for his non-violent approach to activism, but even Dr. King developed a more militant mindset as he saw the nature of the beast he was up against. So […]

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  Gabrielle Union already ranks pretty high on the list of our favorite people in the world, but her new interview with xoNecole might just put her right on top. The Being Mary Jane star, who has a memorable cameo in the upcoming controversial film Birth of a Nation, sat down for a long interview […]

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Dallas Cowboys top pick Ezekiel Elliott was cleared of domestic battery charges Wednesday.Police dropped the charges, which were brought on by Elliott’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson, who is White. Overwhelming evidence showed that Thompson lied when she said Elliott pulled her out of a car and assaulted her in Columbus, Ohio this July, just months after Elliott was taken number […]