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Can Jay-Z live? 

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Apparently, not!

According to AllHipHop, a man named Patrick White has filed a lawsuit against the “No Church In The Wild” rapper stating that portions of Jay-Z’s Decoded were “stolen” from him. 

White’s lawsuit claims that his laptop was stolen in 2009, and that information on his laptop appeared in Jay-Z’s Decoded

Mr. White alleges that he has tried to contact Jay-Z and Decoded co-author Dream Hampton, but hasn’t heard a word from the music mogul or his co-author.  

“The book contains various expressions/colors/phrases, which correlates to my work. After contacting or attempting to contact the co-author, I got no reply.”

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Mr. White also claims that his work and the work of Jay-Z are “strikingly” similar and claims his work has been “compromised.” 

Patrick White is suing for copyright infringment and invasion of public property. 

Doubt if this lawsuit has any merit, but it’s quite interesting. 

Check out the documents on AllHipHop and let us know what you think in the comment section below!