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Ian Kuali’i destroys to create.

It sounds like a backwards concept, but it is the absolute practice of less being more artistically. As an avid traveler from birth, Ian was born in Southern California and has since had the privilege of calling Maui, Hawaii, and eventually NYC, his homes in a journey that has lent itself kindly to his art.

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Ian’s work featured on hand cutting paper is a far cry from kindergarten-style classroom snowflakes. In his art, he focuses on the intricate hand cutting of paper into mythological, spiritual and empowering images and mounting them on a variation of “found” items, such as street posters and wood panels; a blended mix that encompasses both the purity and grit of his artistry.

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Ian has worked with big names in the art world such as Kid Zoom, Ron English and his mentor Doze Green, just to name a few.

GlobalGrind had the opportunity to catch up with Ian at his studio to learn a little more about his craft, and documented it in the video below.

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 27th, to celebrate the launch of the new film Savages, GlobalGrind will feature custom artwork based on the movie by Ian.

The piece will be unveiled at The TriBeCa Grand Nightclub in NYC, and be sure to check out the trailer for Savages that hits the big screen July 6th, and a BTS look at Ian’s story in the video below.