Drake, Meg Thee Stallion, and more make our year-end list. Head inside.

At this point in her career, it is an altruism that Rihanna can literally do no wrong. Literally, everybody loves the original Bad Gal. We’ve watched her grow from a chart topping, Grammy winning pop star to an all around business woman thanks to her Fenty makeup and Lingerie line. But according to reports, Rih’s […]

“Oh I see, Rihanna wants all the money in my bank account, not just a little,” said one woman.

In 1996, Fugees dropped their classic album The Score and in one big swoop Wyclef Jean, Pras, and Lauryn Hill created a unique sound celebrated by millions. Rap verses never sounded so good over elements of soul, reggae and off-the-wall samples. While all three rhymers had bars to drag any nearby doubter, it was Ms. Lauryn Hill […]

Good Morning Britain decided to try their luck on these Twitter streets and it didn’t go well. The early morning show tweeted out a question that rubbed people the wrong way. Then to add fire to the flame, they continued with this… Well, millennials came armed and ready with clapbacks for the ages. Swipe through […]

One kid had zero tolerance for his teacher when she decided to make Christopher Columbus the subject of the day. In a letter he wrote to her, the kid (rightfully named King) explained that he didn’t acknowledge Christopher Columbus as someone who discovered America. In short, he acknowledged that Native people been here, so why […]

It’s been a couple of months since John Travolta was accused of sexual assault by a cruise ship worker, and we haven’t heard much from him. Well, now he is breaking some of his silence and is striking back at the worker! DETAILS: John Travolta’s Sex Accuser Gets Dropped By His Legal Team! According to court […]

Ian Kuali’i destroys to create. It sounds like a backwards concept, but it is the absolute practice of less being more artistically. As an avid traveler from birth, Ian was born in Southern California and has since had the privilege of calling Maui, Hawaii, and eventually NYC, his homes in a journey that has lent […]


Wassup its Range, I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from CT signed to StarRoc/RocNation.  My inspiration for my 1st single, ‘Ghetto Dance‘ was Elvis Presley. I had just watched a bunch of Youtube videos on him and I approached the verses like I thought he would in 2010. He’s definitely a music icon that I look up to. […]


What’s up Global Grind, It’s an honor to be selected for XXL’s Freshman class, I remember seeing previous covers and praying that one day I can be noticed in this hip-hop game. I recognize that being apart of the cover doesn’t make you, rather the real work starts now. J Cole http://xxlmag.com/flv_player/einterface.php   Find more […]