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It’s been a couple of months since John Travolta was accused of sexual assault by a cruise ship worker, and we haven’t heard much from him.

Well, now he is breaking some of his silence and is striking back at the worker!

DETAILS: John Travolta’s Sex Accuser Gets Dropped By His Legal Team!

According to court documents filed on Friday, the 58 year old recently requested that the lawsuit by the cruise employee be dismissed and that the legal fees be paid for.

TMZ reported that the papers showed that John did admit to being on the cruise ship in 2009, but denied any sexual assault.

The site also reports that the documents show that the employee failed to mention any sexual details of the assault.

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The cruise employee was among other masseuses and a gym employee who came forward this year to accuse John of sexual assault as well.

We hope that this case can be resolved soon so both parties can move on!

Who do you guys believe?