Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks was released on this day July 6, 1994. For 27 years, Forrest Gump has provided outstanding cinema for its fans across the world to enjoy. We will happily take you through a world of behind-the-scenes moments you have yet to discover. 

Pulp Fiction premiered at the 47th Cannes Film Festival today in 1994. To celebrate a film that introduced the world to Quentin Tarantino's daring mind and a story that eventually became an undeniable cult classic, discover ten facts about Pulp Fiction that you may not have known until today. 

Thursdays can be a rough day – it’s so close to Friday but feels oh-so-far away from the weekend. So, just like you, we’re looking for laughs and the good news is, we found ’em. Sony Pictures recently published a behind-the-scenes clip of The Wedding Ringer‘s Josh Gad impersonating castmate Jenifer Lewis. We all know […]

It’s been a couple of months since John Travolta was accused of sexual assault by a cruise ship worker, and we haven’t heard much from him. Well, now he is breaking some of his silence and is striking back at the worker! DETAILS: John Travolta’s Sex Accuser Gets Dropped By His Legal Team! According to court […]

There is now a new wrinkle in the sexual assault lawsuit against John Travolta.  The first accuser’s lawsuit, which was filed a week back, will be dismissed by the masseur’s former lawyer Okorie Okorocha. DETAILS: Nice Try! John Travolta Proves He Wasn’t In L.A. During Alleged Assault Okorocha decided to back out when his client admitted to […]

It’s not looking too good for John Travolta’s sex accuser. The Texan man, who has filed the charges against the beloved actor under the name John Doe #1, has been dropped by his legal team like a hot potato. “John Doe’s” legal team appropriately quit on him on the same day the accuser admitted he was […]

John Travolta is firing back at his sexual assault accusers, claiming that he was in the Big Apple well before the assault allegedly took place.  TMZ obtained flight records that show Travolta’s jet departed from Los Angeles the night before the proposed assault. However, the two accusers are not letting up. John Doe #1 released a […]

John Travolta might as well be covered in Grease, because he’s saying these sexual assault charges will never stick. Yesterday two men came forward claiming he sexually assaulted them after they gave him a massage, but now the Look Who’s Talking actor says he didn’t do it – and he has proof.  STORY: 2 Different […]

John Travolta is in a sticky situation! The Grease actor was already being sued by an unidentified male masseur for assault, sexual battery, and intentional infliction, claiming Travolta allegedly groped him during a massage session. PHOTOS: WEEKLY BIRTHDAY DOPENESS: Paris Hilton, Dr. Dre & More! Now, a second unidentified male masseur has filed a $2 million […]

Did that dog just say hi to you? Every animal lover out there feels like they can somehow talk to their pets, but what if you really could? Well, Kevin James can in his upcoming film, “The Zookeeper.” The animals in “Zookeeper” decide to break their code of silence to help their favorite zookeeper find love […]

Father’s Day was this weekend and our favorite celebrities fathers were out and about celebrating their special day. Tom Cruise spent his Father’s Day with daughter Suri and wife Katie Holmes aboard a yacht in Miami. They all looked very relaxed and happy to be in each other’s company. Tom is currently in Miami filming his […]