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2019 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage

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This year, social media has been our go-to while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. The global crisis, which is forcing the world apart, has left many of us at home, twiddling our thumbs, and desperate for connection. Social distancing is the new world order as health officials attempt to eradicate COVID-19 — but thanks to social media and FaceTime, we’ve been able to entertain ourselves a bit and check in with our loved ones, at least.

Besides working from home, we’ve spent the days bingeing our favorite shows on streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu. Music, and the dancing challenges that come with it, have also been our saving grace. More than ever, people took to TikTok and Instagram to put their moves on full display this year — and many times, Hip Hop was their muse. Hit songs like Meg Thee Stallion’s “Savage” and K. Camp’s “Lottery” provided the soundtrack and inspiration for many of the viral moments that kept us in good spirits. Celebrities like Ciara and J. Lo hit up social media to get in on all the fun, recording their families and posting the hilarious results online for the world to smile at.

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With that said, 2020 certainly hasn’t been easy but there were some good times. As usual, Hip Hop was right there to strengthen our resolve and spread laughter just when we needed it most. Below, we’ve gathered 7 viral dance challenges that were inspired by rappers (plus a bonus). We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude.

1. “Toosie Slide”

Drake dropped his single “Toosie Slide” back in April, right after the pandemic hit. Showing off his moves in the official video, fans and celebrities hit social media to recreate the simple, yet fun choreography.

2. The Renegade to K. Camp’s “Lottery”

Jalaiah Harmon was just a 14-year-old having fun on her way to dance class when she created the viral dance now known as “The Renegade.” Though she didn’t get credit for spontaneously bolstering K. Camp’s 2019 single “Lottery” initially, everyone is giving Jalaiah her props now.

3. The “Savage” Challenge

Meg Thee Stallion’s catchy single “Savage” took off this year, especially when Houston legend Beyoncé hopped on the remix. Rapping “I’m a savage (yeah!)… classy, bougie, ratchet (yeah!)… sassy, moody nasty (yeah!),” Meg’s lyrics were a playful reminder that women aren’t any one thing — and that range should be celebrated.

4. “Say So” Challenge

TikTok sensation Haley Sharpe created the dance challenge to Doja Cat’s song “Say So” and it took off — so much so, the rapper featured Haley in her official music video.

5. The #BodyOdyChallenge

Meg dropped her highly-anticipated debut, Good News, in November and inspired a new dance challenge to her album cut “Body.” As you can see, this one is not for the faint of heart!

6. “Hit Yo Groove” Challenge

RunItUpTahj is the man behind “Hit Yo Groove” and it has had everybody from Bronny James to Ciara tuned in. 

7. The “Out West” Challenge

TikToker Nicole Bloomgarden is the creative behind this challenge, choreographed to Travis Scott’s “Out West” in December of last year. Show her some love!

8. Bonus: The “Flip The Switch” Challenge

This one isn’t a dance challenge, per say, but it was just as fun. Have you flipped the switch to Drake’s “Nonstop” track?