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Wassup its Range,

I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from CT signed to StarRoc/RocNation.  My inspiration for my 1st single, ‘Ghetto Dance‘ was Elvis Presley. I had just watched a bunch of Youtube videos on him and I approached the verses like I thought he would in 2010. He’s definitely a music icon that I look up to.


Of course, the song needed to have a good MC on it so me and my team put our heads together to see who we can get on the track. It was a surprise to have Rick Ross on the track. Stargate told me to come in the studio one day and they wanted me to hear something and the 1st thing I heard him say was “It’s Roc Nation underboss Ricky Ross”… I was out of town when he recorded it so I missed the session, but Rick Ross was at the video shoot and was mad cool.

He brought the song to a different level; his energy was a perfect complement. I hope everyone likes the video and it inspires them to do their version of the Ghetto Dance.  I’ll be giving away $1,000 to the person with the best Ghetto Dance, all you have to do is submit your video for a chance to win! Check out all the details here and  thanks for all the support.

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