Eva Mendez


Wassup its Range, I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from CT signed to StarRoc/RocNation.  My inspiration for my 1st single, ‘Ghetto Dance‘ was Elvis Presley. I had just watched a bunch of Youtube videos on him and I approached the verses like I thought he would in 2010. He’s definitely a music icon that I look up to. […]


Right now I am hitting you all up with an out of this world mashup, with 15 different artists! Mashup-Germany truly has done it again. If some of you remember my first post, it was about a mashup with eight different artists by Mashup-Germany. Now they have really gone overboard. I know you all want […]

Radar Online reported on Katy Perry talking wedding plans with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show Monday morning. She compared her engagement with Russell Brand to that of Priscilla Presley with Elvis, she describes it as, “young, in love getting married.” As for a description of her fiancee: “Oscar Wilde meets Dudley Moore meets Jim […]

According to Perez Hilton, The National Enquirer claims that Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of famed singer Elvis Presley has let herself go and gotten her weight up to 165 pounds! Lisa Marie is 42 years old, the same age when her father passed away and people are starting to worry about her health. She has […]