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Sometimes the good life can feel not so good, especially if you’re Justin Bieber!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Raps Biggie & Tupac On Hot 97’s Angie Martinez Show!

With the adoration of millions resulting in almost no privacy and a recent paternity scandal, it’s understandable why the Believe singer would have doubts about continuing music.

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Manager Scooter Braun sat down with MTV to discuss the moment Bieber was contemplating hanging up the towel:

“It was a day where he had to make a decision if he was going to continue on or not, ’cause he was fighting,” Braun recalled to MTV News. “We were in Orlando. We had a sold-out arena show, and it had gotten to a point where kids were surrounding hotels, and you’re talking about a kid who is 15, 16 years old, and he went and did a show 20,000 people, sold out, but right before he went into the show, he was having a little bit of an attitude.

“And he goes in the show, and he was fine, and he comes off, and I go, ‘What was that before the show?’ and he just broke down, and he said, ‘I can’t do it anymore. I can’t go outside. I can’t go anywhere … I feel like a spectacle all the time.’ And he was really struggling with it. You got to remember he didn’t want to be a star: I found him, and it happened.”

The heart-to-heart between Justin Bieber and Braun culminated with the Biebs stating how he wanted to meet Kobe Bryant.

That left Scooter itching his head for a sec, but when Justin expressed how Kobe Bryant was always chasing Michael Jordan‘s ghost, similar to what someone told him about his fame in regards to Michael Jackson, the request made perfect sense.

Eventually the pop star met Kobe, which gave way to an “intense conversation.”

Aside from some sound advice, we’re hoping Kobe let JB know he was a fan – a true Belieber!

Check out the video below.