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Before you all start to riot your local Yves Saint Laurent store, did you know that this isn’t the first time they changed their name?

Name Change! YSL Says Goodbye To The Y!

Most readers found it disrespectful that Creative Director Heidi Slimane decided to change the popular brand name to Saint Laurent Paris. But all he’s doing is following in Laurent’s footsteps.

The founder of the brand did not start his label with the YSL name. In the beginning, his ready-to-wear line was named Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. They only used the Yves for the couture line.

Not only is the brand changing the name in a return to history, they plan on using the old design. The high fashion house took to Twitter today to share that they are “returning its original essence for ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ with its ready-to-wear line.” They also tweeted the picture above showing the use of the new name.

Sophie Dahl’s Famous Ad For YSL Makes Headlines Again!

Even though the brand has grown with Yves Saint Laurent, it will grow even more with the new name!

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