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The summer is still up for grabs, and Taylor Gang’s first lady, LoLa Monroe, thinks she can grab it. The sexy rhyme spitter just released “Fly Away,” a song that will be part of Dr. Jays Summer Sensations campaign

MUSIC: LoLa Monroe & Los “Exodus 23:1 Freestyle”

We’re used to Lola just rhyming cycles around people, but on “Fly Away” the rapper takes a different approach. She does double duty as she raps the verses while singing the hook.

VIDEO: LoLa Monroe: Taylor Gang’s Beauty With The Secret Dark Past 

She also gets a little introspective here, as she talks about her climb to success.

“As I lay me down to sleep, I’m praying for all my frenemies. They praying for my downfall. I’m praying for they’re ends to meet.”

It’s a big look from Lola. We’re proud of our girl!

Check out the song below and tell us what you think!