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Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta was attacked and left bloody by a lunatic fan for not giving away details to her LAHHATL story line. 

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According to Freddy O, the female attacker became upset when she asked Joseline why she got an abortion after she found out she was pregnant by Stevie J. When Joseline didn’t answer – because it’s a part of the plot of this season’s show – the woman attacked her.

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The attacker’s friend said she got mad when Joseline didn’t answer her question, and that’s when things got rough. “You just can’t brush people off like that and think it’s cool,” the friend added. 

This girl should know that most reality show participants are under a confidentiality clause and cannot reveal the story line to the upcoming show until it airs. 

If they did, watching the show would be senseless and mean they don’t have a job. Either way, another eyewitness who was not friends with the attacker said: 

“It was crazy; things just got popping and it looked like Joseline was scratched in the face, but the club was dark so it was hard to see.”

Let’s hope Joseline is OK and makes a speedy recovery. Love & Hip-Hop: ATL airs Monday nights on VH1. 

SOURCE: Freddy O