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We weren’t sure what to think when first saw the video for “Booty Pop,” a song performed by Albert, who is six years old.

We do know this: a lot of people who watched the video, which features the 6-year-old rapping while grown women shake their booty in his face, were outraged.

So we had to find out more about how it came about.

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We decided to hit the man who was responsible for the birth of the song and video, Tyler Council. 

VIDEO: AW HELL NAH! 6-Year-Old Rapper Wants The Ladies To Make Their “Booty Pop”

Tyler claims the song was done in good fun and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Is he right?

Before you fully judge, read his side of the story. 

GlobalGrind: This “Booty Pop” video went viral pretty damn quickly. 

Tyler: Yeah it did. I didn’t expect that. I knew it’d go viral, but I didn’t know the reaction would be like this, because it’s supposed to be a joke.

Are folks pissed off?

Yeah. I didn’t figure. I understood that some people would be upset, but the number of people that got upset was definitely a surprise to me. It was supposed to be light-hearted. The kid wanted to do it. The parents wanted to do it. Everybody was just having a fun little pool party, so we got this little music video, and now it’s becoming a monster on YouTube.

How did the song come about? Did you guys write it? Did the kid write it? How did it come about?

Yeah, the 6-year-old kid wrote it — well he didn’t know how to write, but he told his mom the words to the song that he wanted to do. The kid got talent. His father found my business card at a gas station, so I got a call from him, and I thought I was getting a prank phone call from one of my buddies, and he’s like, I want to do a song for my son. It’s called “Booty Pop.” He’s six-years-old. I was like, ‘what?’

I literally started laughing in his face, and I’m like, ‘alright, Antonio, stop messing with me’ because I thought it was one of my buddies. So I’m like, ‘mail me the details,’ so he sent me an e-mail with the song, and what he wanted to get done.

Where did the girls come from?

Actually, it was an 80 percent chance of rain, so all the girls that were gonna show up didn’t, so we just found girls at the pool, and a buddy of mine that worked on the set brought a couple of more girls. And then we went from there.

And they were cool with the video, shaking their ass in front of a 6-year-old?

The shots make it look like that, but you know they were just having fun dancing. I guess you call it booty popping, but that’s only type of dance these days in the club anyways. I was booty dancing when I was, I don’t know, at first grade Valentine’s Day parties. It was just light-hearted fun. The parents were sitting right there. We were having a BBQ cookout.

We just wanted to do a role reversal, bring little kids on the set, make them look thugged out and basically use them as a puppet in a music video. Now the 6-year-old kid, he’s the center of attention and everyone else around, the grown people, are just extras. It’s supposed to be a play on the state of hip-hop, which I think is bullshit.

We polled. I’d say 33 percent of the people think it’s hilarious, and then the other people have an opinion, which everyone is entitled to their opinions.

So let them talk. I’m not going to delete their comments. They can say whatever they want to say. The only ones that kinda piss me off are the racist ones. That’s ridiculous that people are fighting over saying racist type shit on the wall, which I’m about to put in the description, all racist comments will be removed. Anyone can say what they are going to say just like we can do what we want to do. Nobody was hurt doing this. He wasn’t doing drugs. There’s no, you know, touching. It’s supposed to be something cheap and stupid. 

Did the family think it was a joke or did they think it was serious?

He already has another song coming out called “Girls, Girls, Girls,” so they want him to have a rap career. I personally thought it was a joke until I sat with his parents, and I spoke with them, and I was like ‘alright you know if we are going to do this, we are going to go hard.’ 

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