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Now, ain’t this some bull! 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anthony Hamilton Says Frank Ocean’s Sexuality Doesn’t Matter!

Frank Ocean and his managers revealed that Target refuses to carry his debut album Channel Orange in stores. 

After coming out on the Fourth of July, Frank Ocean decided to release his debut album a week early on iTunes. 

Apparently, Frank’s decision to release his album early has pissed off Target, and now they refuse to carry the “Bad Religion” singer’s album. 

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Target’s claiming that Frank Ocean’s release of Channel Orange to iTunes will affect their sales of the album, so they would rather pass on keeping his album on store shelves.

Frank Ocean took to Twitter to tell his fans that Channel Orange will be everywhere, except Target.

Frank Ocean’s manager Chris Clancy wasn’t buying Target’s claims about Frank’s decision to release Channel Orange digitally as being the sole reason why they wouldn’t carry his album.

Chris Clancy insinuated that Target’s refusal to carry Channel Orange had something to do with Frank’s sexuality.

Chris later got on Twitter to apologize to Target and clear up his statements earlier in the day.  

Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange is currently available on iTunes, and will hit store shelves July 17 everywhere, except Target. 

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