Don’t expect #ManBunMonday to be trending in Idaho. Brigham-Young University has banned the popular hairstyle from their Idaho campus, describing the look as too “extreme.” What the heck? The religious school’s strict honor code keeps their students in check down to their looks, by ensuring that “the dress and grooming standards are consistent with the teachings […]

Australia is the most recent place that wants to add Chris Brown to its banned list.

Chris Brown's 2009 domestic violence conviction against Rihanna is coming back to bite him in the ass.

According to the Seattle Seahawks arena DJ, DJ DV One, he's been forced to hold off on playing Future because Russell is dating Ciara

Tyler, The Creator is no stranger from controversy, and now it looks like the Odd Future member has landed himself on a banned list. The rapper took to his Twitter to claim that he has now been banned from the country of Australia, which has led him to cancel his tour dates there. While he […]

After selling 828,773 digital copies of her new album, Target doesn't want to be apart of the physical sales of the album...

This makes no sense. A Texas middle school has put a ban on students speaking Spanish in the classroom. According to the ban, if they are caught speaking Spanish, they will be written up. Hempstead Principal Amy Lacey made the announcement over a month ago. According to Gawker, parents were outraged and claimed that there […]

Listen, junior high school was rough, but at least the only worry we had when it came to the dress code was making sure our arms weren’t longer than our skirts.  STORY: Dress Codes Are For Private Schools, Not The Grammys! Now, kids are being banned from getting comfy in leggings…and it may have something to […]

Gun-control advocates are winning in Maryland. PHOTOS: We Pray! Frances Colon Is Clemente High’s 3rd Student To Die In Chicago Shootings This Year  Prince George’s County’s Department of Parks and Recreation are banning gun shows indefinitely, according to WTOP. “It is a temporary moratorium. We will revisit this,” says Anita Pesses with the agency’s Maryland-National Capital […]

Even though this is all new new, for American Apparel it’s the same old song. The powers that be are not happy with the fact that AA uses semi-nude models, and they’ve already had a few advertisements banned because of models who appear to be under 16.  PHOTOS: David Becks Gets Lifted & Racy American […]

Waka Flocka released the Salute Me Or Shoot Me: Banned From America mixtape a few weeks ago, but no one believed he’d actually be banned!  DOWNLOAD: Salute Me Or Shoot Me: Banned From America Yup, the “No Hands” rapper found out yesterday that he’s officially banned from the whole state of Virginia. Waka’s ban from Virginia […]

Now, ain’t this some bull!  EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Anthony Hamilton Says Frank Ocean’s Sexuality Doesn’t Matter! Frank Ocean and his managers revealed that Target refuses to carry his debut album Channel Orange in stores.  After coming out on the Fourth of July, Frank Ocean decided to release his debut album a week early on iTunes.  Apparently, […]