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This makes no sense.

A Texas middle school has put a ban on students speaking Spanish in the classroom. According to the ban, if they are caught speaking Spanish, they will be written up.

Hempstead Principal Amy Lacey made the announcement over a month ago. According to Gawker, parents were outraged and claimed that there was no official rule that prohibited use of the language in the public school. Lacey was placed on administrative leave with pay until the matter is resolved.

“With over 50 percent of students enrolled at the school being Hispanic, it didn’t take long for the school district to issue a letter clarifying that there was no official policy “prohibiting the speaking of Spanish.”

Students were upset and spoke to news station KHOU about the ban.

“They told us if we speak Spanish then we’re going to get written up.”

Another was even threatened if she spoke in her first language.

 “That’s my first language and she said, ‘Well you can get out.'”

However, many of the residents are siding with the principal, believing forced assimilation is the answer. Hempstead is one of the fasting growing counties in Texas, with a blooming Hispanic population, including over 37.40 percent Hispanic residents and 36.76 percent White residents.

Whatever happened to the melting pot…

SOURCE: Gawker , USA | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab

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