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Gun-control advocates are winning in Maryland.

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Prince George’s County’s Department of Parks and Recreation are banning gun shows indefinitely, according to WTOP.

“It is a temporary moratorium. We will revisit this,” says Anita Pesses with the agency’s Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. “We are taking everybody’s opinions and actions into account.”

Pesses is promising the department will re-evaluate its decision after lawmakers in D.C. and Annapolis are done debating possible gun control bills.

“We felt that given the potential legislation on the state and the federal level, we are putting a hold on that activity for now until we can reassess after the legislative session.”

The decision includes shows that would take place on county-owned land. So far, one gun show has been canceled due to the new legislation.

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The Silverado Gun Show was slated for the holiday weekend, but it has been scrapped.

The show’s owner tells the Washington Examiner he’s losing money unnecessarily.

“This is legal trade we’re talking about, not the black market,” Frank Krasner told the paper.

“This not only took money out of my pocket, but close to 100 exhibitors.”

The department didn’t give specifics on why they chose to ban gun shows, but we’re wondering if the recent discussion in Washington on gun-control helped.


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