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Just 3 years after losing one of his best friends Travis Barker is still dealing with the loss of DJ-AM.

In an recent interview, the reknowned drummer talks about their friendship and makes it clear he would never invest in a hologram of dear pal.

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He recalls when the two start collaborating together after his split from Blink 182. He says:

“I never heard of a live drummer and DJ playing together ever. I came to AM when Blink had broken up and said, ‘Let’s do something, man. Let’s kick a new f***in’ door down.’  We didn’t know what we were going to do. He brought his turntables, I brought my drum kit, and we just jammed.”

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DJ AM whose real name is Adam Goldstein died after an accidental overdose in August of 2009 and while Travis is still having a tough time on the loss don’t expect a hologram of the DJ anytime soon.

On people doing hologram tours he tells the website:

“I don’t think that’s cool. You pay tribute once if you’re doing a benefit concert to someone, but it’s cold as ice.”

You gotta respect Travis’ thoughts. DJ-AM will still always be remembered.

SOURCE: Red Bulletin