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MiMi Faust is the starlet of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and she’s been at the center of nothing short of a drama-filled soap opera. 

Unfortunately for Mimi, she’s unwillingly found herself in the middle of an interesting love triangle between the father of her child Stevie J and his “artist” Joseline Hernandez

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GlobalGrind caught up with MiMi to find out how she’s been dealing with Stevie J and Joseline’s love affair, how she fell in love with Stevie, and of course, all her business ventures. 

Check out our exclusive interview with MiMi Faust below!

GlobalGrind: Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta is one of the best shows on reality television right now. How has reality television changed your life?

Mimi: I think because everybody is talking about me, about my situation. Everybody has an opinion, thousands upon thousands of people. It’s different. I literally went from my nice quiet life to…I can’t go to the grocery store!

How do you feel about that? How are you dealing with all the opinions about your life?

I just have to take it moment by moment. Sometimes it’s very difficult to deal with it. I don’t think any type of planning can prepare you for it. When I started the show, my girlfriend told me about the casting on a Monday. She said it was on Wednesday. Stevie and I went down, and we were chosen immediately. We had no time to plan for this or prepare like, “I think I want to do it.” It was nothing like that because it happened that fast.

What is the most difficult part? Is it the judgment and the criticism?

It’s the judgment and the criticism. It’s people that don’t know you, and they’re only seeing a glimpse…I’m not even on there a whole hour. You’re seeing a few minutes of a show, and you’re making judgment. To me, that’s the hardest part.

How do you feel about people perceiving you as the naïve love-struck girlfriend who can’t see that her boyfriend is a player?

It’s not nice, but what I have to say is, I’m not with him when he’s with her. I don’t see what he does when he’s not with me. I see what he does when he’s with me, with my daughter and I. For people to pass judgment in that aspect, they think I know what he’s doing. No, I don’t! I’m watching it like you guys are watching it. You think he would do that to my face? Hell no, he wouldn’t!

What’s been the craziest thing you’ve seen so far in the show?

Everything I’ve seen with them has been crazy to me! The whole kissing and just the way they interact. When they interacted in my presence, there was none of that. When they were in my presence—I think at Kim Michelle’s birthday party—there was none of that. They didn’t display that in front of me…I was told this is his artist; he’s her manager, X, Y, and Z. I don’t run up to the studio every time he goes to work, and start watching him. I have a daughter to raise, so I’m not seeing what’s going on.

You and Stevie are partners in business too?


What advice would you give a woman who wanted to start her own venture or wanted to be a part of the industry on the business side?

You have to have a very good advisor. Always have someone go over your paperwork…have a lawyer on deck! That is the most important thing I can say to someone that wants to get into any type of business such as entertainment and has to deal with contracts and paperwork. Always have a very good entertainment lawyer that can properly advise you.

You and Stevie have been together for upwards to 15 years?

Let me clear this up. This is a huge misconception. I’ve known Stevie for 15 years. We have not been together for 15 years. I was not with Stevie when he was Eve. I was not with Stevie when he was in any other relationship. Also I was not with Stevie when he had any of his other children. He had all of his kids before we even got together to clear that up, because Joseline is running around saying I’m just a baby mama, and why am I tripping when he had all these babies on me. No, he didn’t! His children are teenagers.

When was the first time you met Stevie J?

I met him in L.A. He actually stepped on my foot the very first time I met him.


Yeah, we were out at the club, and he stepped on my foot by accident. I was like, “Damn! You trying to crush my toes.” He was like, “What up, Ma!” You know how he is.

Stevie’s very charismatic, and it translates over on the screen. He’s super charming. Is that what made you fall in love with him?

I wouldn’t even say it was the super-charming. The guy that you guys are seeing right now is not the guy that I laid down with, and had a child with. He has different sides to him, and he has a very nice and sweet other side to him. This person that I’m seeing and you guys are seeing, I’m like “Who the hell are you?” So he definitely has other sides…My mouth is on the floor just like you guys watching all this.

What has he said about all the stuff that’s been going? Has he called to apologize, and try to explain himself?

He’s apologized over and over and over again.

How do you feel about a lot of your friends who are constantly telling you to dump Stevie?

It’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes it gets a little annoying because granted, I haven’t known anyone that was in a perfect relationship, and you could tell someone until you’re blue in the face, “leave him…” but until they’re ready to actually do that, that’s when they’ll do it. Basically what I need from my friends is their support. I appreciate them looking out and caring for me, and not wanting to see me in a bad situation. Sometimes you just want some support.

What else are you working on? Do you have any other projects or business ventures you want to share?

First and foremost I do have my business “Keep It Clean” that I’ve had for eleven years. It’s a celebrity cleaning service. I do residential and commercial property. I have some other stuff on the table since I’ve started doing Love & Hip-Hop, but I can’t really speak on it right now. I don’t want to talk about it until everything is finalized, but once it is finalized, I would be happy to share it with you. Yes, I’m working on several different things at the moment, besides my cleaning business and the show, so I’m very busy. Also, I’m a mom!

That’s the hardest job out of all of them.

Absolutely! Juggling all of that, and a two-year-old, is interesting.