Stevie J got Faith's initial tatted ON HIS FACE. That's love!

Remember back in 2012 when Joseline Hernandez hit the scene and made everyone believe that she was going to be the next Latina pop star? Well, apparently the Puerto Rican princess is still holding on to those dreams and is lashing out at everyone she feels is holding her back. Of course, her first victim […]

Joseline Hernandez had the Internet buzzing when she tweeted some harsh words at Stevie J‘s daughter, Savannah. When Savannah described Joseline as a “toxic” match for her dad on an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline lashed out. “That hoe mad cause I run her daddy. Now run along and find your own c*ck to […]

Subtlety isn’t Joseline Hernandez‘s strong suit. Put her name in your mouth and no one is off limits. Even the daughter of her own-again, off-again lover Stevie J. Stevie’s daughter Savannah had a chat with his ex, Mimi Faust, on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta last night. She discussed how she feels about Joseline and it wasn’t […]

Faith Evans is finally opening up about her once rumored relationship with Stevie J. Although the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star often confirmed that he was dating singer, we never really heard it from Faye’s lips. Now the songstress is getting candid about her love for her old friend Steebie and all the other […]

The producer has finally been forced to pay the price for skipping out on paying almost two decades of child support.