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'Rickey Smiley For Real' Atlanta Screening And Q&A

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Subtlety isn’t Joseline Hernandez‘s strong suit. Put her name in your mouth and no one is off limits. Even the daughter of her own-again, off-again lover Stevie J.

Stevie’s daughter Savannah had a chat with his ex, Mimi Faust, on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta last night. She discussed how she feels about Joseline and it wasn’t pretty. Savannah said Joseline was “toxic” to her father and he should be done with the relationship. Well, Joseline peeped Savannah’s comments and she didn’t go easy on her. She retweeted news of Savannah’s statements saying, “That hoe mad cause I run her daddy. Now run along and find your own cock to suck. You nappy head.”

Too much? This is L&HH we’re talking about. Smh.

Savannah and Mimi’s talk comes in the midst of Mimi trying to keep Joseline away from her daughter with Stevie. Mimi called Joseline a “crazy nut job” and she told Savannah, “I just hope that at some point your dad can wake up and see what everyone else sees.” You can see footage of the convo below.

The family drama continues.