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Let me begin by stating the obvious, “The truths I present are not to be taken as absolute.” They are to be taken as my truths, to be provided so that you might dissect, analyze and “if” appreciated inject it into your reality and reshape it to deliver an alternative choice or option regarding your situation.

I have seven children ranging from ages 4 to 25. As a result, the conversations I have and the questions I entertain from them, their friends and associates, male and female of all races creeds and color are as varied as the sands particles on a beach.


Although the questions asked and the answers required are in direct relation to their personal lives, the overall need for guidance and instruction that they all have in common is what motivates me to reach out and touch and if God willing, to inspire.

On the female side the questions are primarily in regards to Sex, Love and Marriage. On the male side the questions are a bit more complex but generally reside in quest to becoming a man.

Both sides present questions in regards to God, Life and Death, Conduct and behavior and how to maintain a rhythm.

Life is a work in progress where the only thing stays consistent is the fact change is inevitable. As you live, you grow therefore the obvious effort is to grow as you Live.

Consequently as you learn to listen the obvious effort is to listen that you might learn. We all come to the same conclusions in life.

The problem is that we come to those conclusions usually after the fact. People don’t know what to ask for, they don’t appreciate what they have because they don’t realize the difference and that the difference is why.


Now what does that mean? “The difference is why.” Well, what it means is this.

The difference between that which is was is and/or could be or not is a direct result of the difference between being happy or not is a direct result of the difference between your lives as it is as opposed to what it could have been.

From my perspective as life is an ongoing process then all the variables that constitute living are connected.

What that represents is the ideology that in regards to life itself, to change in everything. So if I could change part of it that would result in a change in all of it.

From that, I am a father of modest but I have blessings of family, I could perhaps wish for change, wish I were a rich man, but perhaps in pursuit of wealth I bypass the change of events that resulted in my family or perhaps I still realize a family but just not the same as I have now.

Since I would never change any aspect of my family as they exist I can’t change any aspect of the events leading to that existence.

In summation, be thankful for all that you have because the alternative is to have nothing at all. The reason is obvious, because the difference is why.

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