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Barbie’s life seems so perfect. She has a million great jobs, lives in a mansion, has a handsome boyfriend and just about every type of vehicle you can think of. There’s never been a time when Barbie has done anything crazy, but we imagine that a life so perfect has to get boring. 

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If Barbie was a real person, every now and then she may have cursed, hit something with her car, or even thrown a party that got a little out of hand. Photographer Ellen von Unwerth actually experienced Barbie in rare form and shot a spread for the spring/summer 2012 issue of Vs Magazine to try and recreate what she saw.

While in L.A., Ellen visited a “Barbie Party” that ended up getting shut down by the police and subsequently a few Barbies and Kens ended up being arrested. 

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Although they all walk more rigid than any runway model would, the real life Barbie and Ken dolls are wearing some of the coolest pieces for the season from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf, Topshop, Rodarte and many, many more.

You can check out the “Barbie Party” spread from the spring/summer 2012 issue of Vs Magazine in the gallery above and the video of the full fiasco below!

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