Barbie's headed to theaters next year starring Margot Robbie. The actress is trending on Twitter after a first-look photo was released from the long-awaited film. Check it out inside.

Barbie unveils new Black History Month collection of dolls to inspire the next generation of women. Some key figures featured in the collection include black women who changed the future in a number of industries from entertainment, sports, and civil rights.

The world can now rest assure that Barbie isn’t some stuck up, plastic woman that shops all day and can’t identify with the struggles other people face. On Tuesday, it was revealed that the 59-year old doll is a supporter of marriage equality and an advocate for the LGBTQ community. In a photo posted on […]

We're not quite finished rejoicing over the news that Mattel has finally introduced a diverse series of Barbies.

After years of dolls with body types that none of us could relate to, Mattel has finally introduced Barbies with realistic proportions.

The doll, which was priced at $65, sold out within an hour.

You're never too old to put this on your Christmas list.