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When you hear iconic romantic comedy, what comes to mind? Ryan Gosling? Musical numbers? Leather pants? No matter your rom-com preferences, there’s nothing better than summer nights spent steaming summer love stories!

As moviegoers across the globe prepare for the highly anticipated release of Barbie next week (July 21), the team at was feeling the summer fling vibes too. They used IMBd and Google search data to determine the top summer rom-coms in the country.

Summer Romantic Comedy Map

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Grease is by far America’s favorite summer rom-com! The 1978 classic is the most searched rom-com in 28 states! It seems like people from New Hampshire to Oregon love singing “We Go Together” to their TVs. Americans also love the Disney Channel Original Camp Rock. It’s the most searched summer rom-com in 5 states, which makes it the second most popular movie overall. The 2008 movie stars Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, so naturally it’s a Gen Z favorite!

5 states love this summer time classic Mamma Mia! While the movie is set on a fictional island, landlocked states like Utah and Idaho are huge fans of the flick. Let’s be honest, nothing says summer love like Abba and the ocean! Dirty Dancing is the most searched summer rom-com in Maine, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. The 1987 movie is still a fan favorite! How could anyone forget about that lift?

Not that you know each state’s favorites, let us know if you’re surprised by any of them in the comments. If you haven’t seen any of these classics, do yourself a favor and make that happen ASAP. Also, go check out Barbie starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae and more when it hits theaters next week Friday!