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Rosa Parks Barbie Doll

Source: Barbie/Mattel / Barbie/Mattel

Barbie unveils new Black History Month collection of dolls to inspire the next generation of women. Some key figures featured in the collection include black women who changed the future in a number of industries from entertainment, sports, and civil rights.

The first few days of Black History Month has already been eventful for Black creators and artists as brands are rolling out their annual campaigns dedicated to all things Black. The leading doll company swiftly debuted their collection of dolls representing various famous Black figures on the first day of Black History Month.

The company shared the post to their official Instagram with a meditative caption, “This #BlackHistoryMonth, Barbie celebrates the legacies of women who paved the way, and the limitless potential of a new generation of Black girls who keep proving that the possibilities are endless.”

Amongst the collection of Barbie dolls inspired by fierce Black women, Maya Angelou is featured as the first Black woman best-selling novelist in non-fiction. Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald is also a notable figure within the collection recognized as the first Black woman to win a Grammy award. Civil Rights heroine, Rosa Parks, looks striking posed in front of a bus as one of the first people to ignite the movement and ultimately setting off a revolution by not giving up her seat on the bus. Gabby Douglas is acknowledged by the brand for being the first to win the individual gold medal in gymnastics. Lastly, the acclaimed “Grown-ish” actress, producer and change agent, Yara Shahidi is noticed for uplifting marginalized voices and leading the next generation of thought leaders and activists.

The video showcases their collection of dolls in an effort to highlight the company’s commitment to the Black community. It reads: “To the black women who shared their stories and voices to break down barriers. To the black women who fought for change, raised the bar and inspired a new generation. To the back women who changed the future [of all industries]. We celebrate you.”

The importance of having representation for our children in all areas is significant to their development and growth into adulthood. Mattel’s Barbie toy brand is working diligently to diversify their collection so that young girls can fully see themselves in every toy aisle. The collection also includes a number of richly diverse dolls who show up in all arenas such as the courtroom, hospital and the newsroom.

To learn more about the company’s commitment to the Black community, visit Be sure to check out the full collection on their site.