Barbie unveils new Black History Month collection of dolls to inspire the next generation of women. Some key figures featured in the collection include black women who changed the future in a number of industries from entertainment, sports, and civil rights.

We're not quite finished rejoicing over the news that Mattel has finally introduced a diverse series of Barbies.

After years of dolls with body types that none of us could relate to, Mattel has finally introduced Barbies with realistic proportions.

Zendaya's fame reached new heights in 2015, but the added attention didn't stop her from taking risks.

The doll, which was priced at $65, sold out within an hour.

You're never too old to put this on your Christmas list.

Zendaya will be immortalized as a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll. Manufacturing company Mattel announced on Twitter.

This is a ground-breaking moment for the toy company, Mattel. Mattel will be distributing an exclusive line of  ‘chemotherapy’ dolls named Ella after a persistent mother encouraged the company to produce the hair-less, beautiful figurines for young cancer patients. Melissa Bumstead began a petition for more dolls earlier this year after her 4-year-old daughter was given one of […]

For almost 60 years, Barbie has been a girl’s best friend. Although her outfits and professions have changed, her body hasn’t, leading to concerns over her contribution to low self-esteem in girls and setting unrealistic body expectations. Now, there’s a new “average” alternative: Meet Lammily, the first Barbie-like doll to boast real-life proportions.  Last year, digital […]