End Of The Year

Psychic Zya offers an overview of what is ahead for 2024 in all of the signs, offering insight on themes, mantras and more for the year.

There were many firsts that happened in 2022, but there were about 20 things we did not have on our bingo card. Check out a gallery inside.

Last week, we kicked off the Quarantine Awards with celebrities and influencers who won this inevitable lockdown. Aside from those who made a huge impact in quarantine, there are a number of businesses that racked in the money catering to the needs of its consumers.

Every year, folks set New Year’s resolutions that they only follow for about a week or two. We all understand the internal battle of the new you emerging as the old self is trying to cling on. https://twitter.com/xsqoof/status/1212101564564795392 But you’re not alone. The idea of having a new year resolution started way before we were […]

Our faves have heartfelt tracks that delve into all the messiness.

We know. You’re probably so tired about hearing about end of decade stuff. But for most millennials, we weren’t fully into adulthood the last time a new decade rolled around. Which is why saying goodbye to the 2010’s is such a pivotal moment in our lives. Many of us grew up in the 2010’s — […]

Christmas and New Year’s Day are pretty much right around the corner and with the festive season comes office holiday parties. Everybody in Corporate America knows how completely awkward an office party can be, so we provided a list of dont’s this year. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people still bombed. Hit the […]

And when we say "last minute," we mean LAST minute.

Today marks 27 years since  Dr. Dre dropped one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time with The Chronic. 1992 seems like so long ago, but The Chronic has managed to stand the test of time and set the tone for West Coast rap for many generations to come. And to think that […]

Cancel culture didn’t officially become a thing until 2019. Sure, folks on Twitter were “cancelling” celebs left and right before, but nothing actually stuck. However, this year, we actually got to see the great power behind the public’s opinion. Some say cancel culture has gone too far, while others say it hasn’t gone far enough. […]