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We’ve got the cheat code to the year ahead, courtesy of Psychic Zya!

Bossip Horoscopes

Source: iOne Digital / Tommy de Yampert


2024 is an 8 year. (2+2+4). Which deals with reaping Karma (your payback on foul stuff you’ve done) and Dharma (your payback on good things you’ve done.) It’s also the year where a select few will move into great wealth— looking at you entrepreneurs — and yet many more may find themselves languishing and or falling into in poverty.
Your mindset and consistent action will be the deciding factor.

It’s also a year where the collective will be moving further up the point of awakening which deepens the need for us to get light- physically, energetically and emotionally – which means that the collective will be releasing a lot of generational trauma (this will be ugly) as well having a mass awakening which will prompt new ideals, ways of behaving and a basically a global catalyst for all of us to reclaim our ancient future metaphysical gifts.

2024 is all about getting in touch with our feelings. As you move throughout the year and you connect with people- no matter the reason of connection- let your body- emotions and physical sensation – tell you what energy exchange is present with this person.

Sounds like a lot? Yup it is.

This is the year to learn about and practice, Shadow Work, Quantum Healing, Personal Visualization, Jumping Timelines, Learning the Ritual Magick of your ancestors and embracing swift on-going change.
If nothing else learn some Money Magick rituals – it will serve you well.

If you’re seeking to ascend to the highest plane spiritually then you’ll have to cocoon yourself away from negative people, media and personal self-sabotage patterns. This also applies to those who are seeking to build massive wealth starting with this year.

A word of caution for those who have unprocessed trauma- this is the year —to get into therapy or work with a natural healer like a shaman. As you may find that you can longer suppress the “ick” of what happened to you.

On a brighter note I’ve included your power colors, power numbers and a power mantra. Use these by wearing the power colors on important days – job interview, first date, etc as well as adding them to your wardrobe, your beauty looks and your home decor. The numbers can be incorporated by also scheduling important events on these dates (i.e.test taking, surgeries etc) and you can even go so far as to have a key chain made in those numbers. You should also Google up each number to find out the spiritual meaning/vibration of each one. I love the site: Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers. As for your power mantra- say this to yourself daily while looking in the mirror for at least ten minutes a day and watch how things easily manifest for you.

Be sure to save this and send it to your friends. Let’s goooo!


Zya is a globally recognized, professionally trained Psychic Medium who currently resides in Miami. You can book a session with her HERE


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Heavy and frustrating cycles of “wash and repeat” will be a main theme in your life for 2024. See, what Spirit wants you to do is to release all that doesn’t serve you in the RINSE cycle – but because you’ve overly attached to certain ideologies – you’re set to struggle valiantly. Trying to hold onto an outdated vanity/lifestyle when the universe is giving you a chance at renewal and a dope refresh is a fool’s errand. Don’t be foolish. Every new repeated cyclical pattern that needs to be broken – becomes more harsh with each spin.
RED FLAG 2024: Watch the actions of others vs their words and watch yourself in the same way. Remember everyone we encounter is but a mirror to our flaws and beauty.
SWEET SPOT: A hard career pivot is available to you this year – but what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?
POWER COLORS: Black, silver, and maroon.
POWER NUMBERS: 11, 22, 808
POWER MANTRA: ‘I will not break; but bending, resting and shifting are ok.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Victorious growth is on the horizon for many of you this year. Especially those of you who had a rough go of it for 2023. This year you’ll take your punches on your feet and your comebacks will be swift and filled with gratitude. Be prepared to be surprised how people perceive your ability for change and self-discovery and remember what most people say [about you/anyone else] is simply a measure of their own [often stunted] levels of self-awareness.
<strong>RED FLAG:</strong> Growth is both beautiful and ugly. Look to the story of the lowly caterpillar that turns into a beautiful and free butterfly. Much like this beautiful insect – those who are truly for you- will love how beautiful your wings are as you take flight. Just take note of those who aren’t giving you your proper props.
SWEET SPOT: Many of you – especially if you work in the healing arts, tech, or real estate – will be planting seeds in 2024 – that will put you in the millionaire’s club over the next five years.
POWER COLORS: Powder blue and metallic pink.
POWER NUMBERS: 111, 88, 999.
POWER MANTRA: “Growth is both beautiful and ugly but I’ve already won.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

 Right in alignment with the karmic 8, this year will be bittersweet for you. In between the brazen betrayals, the unwarranted gossip, and the impatience of those who feel that your time, intelligence, and body are theirs and on demand – you will reach a state of true enlightenment [deep knowledge of self]. What often happens when we’ve reached our limit of the BS, is we get epiphanies about how our behavior creates certain outcomes and limitations. This year will be a short dimly lit hallway [with a closed door behind you] and that leads you to a place of celebratory self-actualization by the end of the year. 2024 wants to know —are you up for the challenge?
RED FLAG: Don’t ignore harsh continued unwarranted treatment by others – because without that hard boundary – they will never stop. And I mean never and take note – that these types of people – rarely pour back into you.
SWEET SPOT: You’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling both locally and abroad – and the best part? You’ll be expanding your palate and finding your new fave GLOBAL foodie places. YUM!
POWER COLORS: Blush pink, white, and dark brown.
POWER NUMBERS: 78, 12, 3.
POWER MANTRA: “I set and stand on my boundaries as they are the key to my growth and personal peace.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

For those of you who have held the faith for better times, and opportunities while putting in that work [shadow work, physical work, mental work] know that 2024 is all green lights for you! You will be reminded in big and small ways that joy is your birthright. Read that again! Joy will be your default energy for all 2024 long. And the key to this level of activation is simply standing in your power by being honest with yourself first and then others. You don’t have to be brash, abrupt, sneaky, or cynical to get your point across and hold your boundaries – just stay centered on your personal truth. And keep it honest while accepting that you will have to disappoint some people.
RED FLAG: On another note if you haven’t done the work to grow and change -or you’ve been shady AF to those who don’t deserve it — then 2024 will be forcing your hand -starting with the release of a tumultuous relationship that hasn’t served your well being for a long time now.
SWEET SPOT: Your leveling up in 2024 will be surreal. Pay attention to who is clapping for you and who is sending nothing but [often silently LOUD] criticism.
POWER COLORS: Dusty rose and burnt orange.

POWER MANTRA: “I cocoon myself in pure joy no matter what is happening on the world stage.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

To enjoy the beauty of a rose we must risk getting pricked by its thorns. And this is your 2024 in a nutshell fellow Taureans. You will have to stretch every inch of your being from the inside out to reach the gifts of 2024 – a soulmate on the horizon, a release of the burdens of others, and learning to actively live as though your prayers [while still awaiting their arrival] have been answered. Like many others, these 8-year- rewards are given to those who take [in your case] calculated risk.
RED FLAG: What guilt are you carrying that doesn’t belong in your bosom? Your people-pleasing phase can be completely demolished in 2024 but you’ve gotta become okay with losing the “favor” of a lotta people – from colleagues to cousins. Chile.
SWEET SPOT: Ongoing health issues will finally be resolved this year. Make it your mission to find the proper healing and know that even if it seems out of your financial reach – it’s not. Just ask your ancestors to open the pathway for you.
POWER COLORS: Cream, forest green, and watermelon.
POWER NUMBERS: 10, 7, 23
POWER MANTRA: “No risk, no reward. Positive change is mine!”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Elevation requires isolation. 2024 wants to hand all Geminis their highest destiny. Read that again. But the price for this level of “come up” is spending a lot of time – alone — or more specifically with your intuition, consciousness, and Spirit Guides. It’s okay if you decide to be less social or run off to a far-flung land to energetically recalibrate. [10-DAY silent meditation retreat in India…???] All of it is in divine alignment even if it seems “weird” to outsiders. The first half of the year may find you finally getting rid of all “demons” and the second half teaching you how to follow your gut feeling no matter what and get closer to the Spirit World. Brace yourself for a bit of a dizzying ride but by the time 2025 comes along – you’ll be so glad and proud of all that you overcame.
RED FLAG: Expect some abrupt changes on the work front. If you get laid off or shuffled around- instead of panicking – ask yourself – what the hell do I want to do with my life? And go do that for yourself and ultimately for income.
SWEET SPOT: This year you learn truly how to gain the “soft life” and drop all need for perfection. Also, some of you may end up having babies by the end of the year.
POWER COLORS: White, red, black.
POWER NUMBERS: 333, 222, 555 (these are hella strong Angel Numbers!! Google up number + angel number meaning to find out more)
POWER MANTRA: “Elevation requires isolation. This is my year to go deeply within.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

2024 will affect Water and Earth signs the most. Many of you Cancers, will have to find pleasure amid pain and patience when rage wants to boil over. If you find that you have a hard time with emotional regulation then this will be the year that you want to cuddle up with a therapist and keep a tarot reader on deck. Perseverance during downtimes leads to sweet recovery and relief when all is upside again.
RED FLAG: You can no longer avoid doing your Shadow Work – if you’ve been tackling it head-on since the Pandemic – you’ll be greatly rewarded with rapid ascension and positive outcomes in 2024. But if not…prepare for a year of frankly harsh lessons.
SWEET SPOT: On the upside, I do see many Cancers moving into their dream homes in 2024 whether as an owner or renter – so cue up the abode of your choice on your vision board -because it’s happening. PS: Your words carry a lot of influence and power this year-choose them carefully.
POWER COLORS: Cinnamon, red and turquoise.
POWER NUMBERS: 6, 3, 12.
POWER MANTRA: “I will reach for the lesson in and overcome all obstacles in my path.”

8. LEO

Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

High level and consistent discernment will be your theme this year. How can you tell who is really for you and who is not? How can you tell which opportunities to say yes to vs no? Does the way someone makes you feel – make you feel happy or give you anxiety? The Leo ego often allows in jealousy in their circles as long as the person is stroking your ego. All of lopsided tolerance for non truthful folks/glittery facades will get snatched away in 2024 along with any mask that you’re choosing to wear each and every day. Time to get real! You up for the challenge?
RED FLAG: Ignore your gut at your own peril. This is not the year to tolerate inauthenticity – both within yourself and in others.
SWEET SPOT: To stay ahead of the drama next year – learn how to read Tarot or Oracle cards for yourself.
POWER COLORS: Black, gold, red.
POWER NUMBERS: 9, 15, 18
POWER MANTRA: “I’m going to be radically honest starting with me first.”



Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Your true passions will overflow in 2024. What will be crucial to enjoying this bounty directly from Spirit is to let your creativity awaken a fire and drive in you like never before. Start with awakening to your own divinity through meditation, stream-of-consciousness and dream journaling (life’s clues hide in our dreams) and expand your consciousness by speaking up and [finally] acting on secretly long-held dreams. 2024 will and can be a time of rapid, profitable expansion if you allow it to be.
RED FLAG: Don’t invest in ANYTHING without deep research and a contract. And invest a little at a time and make sure you’ve got an exit clause in all business dealings. Read this again!
SWEET SPOT: Singles – next year as you step into your true calling- you’ll be a magnet for deep love. Be on the lookout and keep it fun. For those who are attached- prepare for either a much-needed ending or a huge next step.
POWER COLORS: Mint green, lilac and brown.
POWER NUMBERS: 901, 222, 88
POWER MANTRA: “I step boldly in the direction of my heart’s deepest desires.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Baby your ancestors and Spirit Guides are supporting you heavy- heavy in 2024. Many of you have anointings on your head for great spiritual leadership which can look any way that works for you. Stepping into your power is a must this year. Release whomever and whatever is keeping you energetically and mentally constipated no matter their station in your life. If you don’t have one set up already – please set up an ancestor altar stat! Even if you don’t know them simply state out loud: “I call in all ancestors who are here for my elevation!”
RED FLAG: As you spread your wings – your truth will really piss people off. Hahah! Go ahead and do it anyway. Some bridges need to be rattled/burned.
SWEET SPOT: Start each morning with a gratitude list and watch just how juicy 2024 gets for you.
POWER COLORS: Chocolate, peach and magenta.
POWER NUMBERS: 46, 88, 3
POWER MANTRA: “My ancestors are the wind beneath my spiritual elevation all 2024!”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

You, like just about everyone else, will have to face the naked truth about your shadows, your addictions (even the ones that seem good like “workaholicism”) and be forced to cut deep etheric cords (invisible energy cords) that are currently binding you up energetically. Lots of sacral chakra work will be needed in 2024 along with throat chakra work. Start with listening to meditations, doing somatic-based workouts, and calling in professional help if everything gets too dark. Hang in there…
RED FLAG: Don’t ignore long-term health issues in 2024 even if you feel that you’ve it under control because you can “tolerate a lot of pain.”
SWEET SPOT: By the end of 2024 you’ll have mastered your darkest emotions and know how to wield your special brand of light to uplift the masses. Lets goooooo!
POWER COLORS: Navy blue, blood red and purple.
POWER NUMBERS: 1111, 444, 3
POWER MANTRA:I release all attachments that no longer serve me. With grace and gratitude.”


Bossip Horoscopes Source:Tommy de Yampert

Expect deep family secrets to be revealed in 2024 leaving you both in relief and shock. This is happening to help you shed any false ideals about your role in the family and leaves you free to dive deep into your own soul’s forgiveness and raise your self-worth. It’s a grueling dive in but you come up in victory. You’ll also find that your friend circle, especially if they are connected to your family, may abruptly change as well. The best way to move through this is to not judge yourself or others harshly but do step away from what truly is harming you – especially if you have littles that you are responsible for. Their emotional and mental well-being is what matters most. Along with yours – of course.
RED FLAG: Watch your spending in 2024, especially if you have big-ticket items (ermmm hello mortgage!) planned for the second half of the year.
SWEET SPOT: Any new business ideas that are well-researched will flourish in 2024.
POWER COLORS: Gold, Red and Silver
POWER NUMBERS: 22, 16, 7
POWER MANTRA: “Breaking molds that never fit me, is my superpower.”