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Ginny & Georgia Season 3 BTS

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia” begins production on Season 3 after over a year’s hiatus. The hit drama series will return wrapping up loose ends from the previous season. Read everything we know about “Ginny & Georgia” Season 3 inside.

In the final scene of Season 2, Georgia (Brianne Howey) is driven away in the back of a cop car, leaving fans with a eventful cliffhanger. Fortunately, the show will not only return with Season 3 but Season 4 thereafter.

The beautiful blessing is that the network just announced that Season 3 is officially filming right now.

“We ended Season 2 with Georgia arrested for murder — ruining her fairy tale wedding and leaving the fate of the Miller family hanging in the balance,” creator and executive producer Sarah Lampert tells Tudum. “It’s always been Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Georgia against the world, but the world has never come for them quite as hard as it will in Season 3. We are beyond excited to finally kick off production and keep bringing our fans the characters they love.”

“Ginny & Georgia’s” second season covered topics of depression, first loves and the fierce bond between mother and daughter. Season 2 garner3ed 56 million views by its fifth week after its release on Jan. 5, 2023. The series spent nearly two months in the Global Top 10, reaching 88 countries. It’s safe to say people like it.

Everyone’s Excited!

Read everything we know about the upcoming season:

When and Where Did They Begin Filming Season 3

The show announced it started filming Season 3 on April 29 in Toronto, Canada.

Who All Gone Be There?

Howey and Gentry return as the complicated and relatable mother-daughter duo Ginny and Georgia, alongside a few returning favorite cast members Felix Mallard (Marcus), Sara Waisglass (Max), Diesel La Torraca (Austin), Jennifer Robertson (Ellen), Scott Porter (Mayor Paul Randolph), Raymond Ablack (Joe), Katie Douglas (Abby), Chelsea Clark (Norah), Nathan Mitchell (Zion), and more.

“It feels surreal still,” SAG Award ambassador Gentry told Tudum when Season 2 premiered in January 2023. “The show’s success has meant so much to me. Moreso, just because it’s touched so many people globally.”

What’s Happening In The Upcoming Season?

“Ginny & Georgia” creator Sarah Lampert told Tudum that she has the story “all planned out.” Since Season 3 and 4 are confirmed and with the shocking Season 2 finale out, it’s set the perfect stage for the show’s upcoming seasons.  The finale saw Georgia arrested at her own wedding after she suffocated a comatose Tom with a pillow to spare his family from further suffering.

“When we had to develop the storyline for Season 2, we knew exactly what we wanted Season 3 to be,” Lampert told Tudum before the launch of the second season. “Georgia needed to kill someone and she needed to kill someone in Wellsbury, Massachusetts.” And she did. But, “it’s not over until it’s over,” Howey tells Tudum. “We can’t wrap it up in a pretty bow. That’s not real life. That’s certainly not Georgia’s life. It never has been. Why would it start to be her life now?”

Lampert also noted that Season 3 will throw “new hurdles, new relationships, and new challenges” at Ginny and Georgia “in a way we haven’t seen before on the show.”

Meet the Creative Team for Season 3

Sarah Glinksi will join Lampert as showrunner and executive producer. Executive producers include Jeff Tahler (Madica Productions); Jenny Daly (Critical Content); Holly Hines; Daniel March (Dynamic Television); and Lance Samuels, Daniel Iron, and Armand Leo (Blue Ice Pictures). Elena Blekhter is co-executive producer.

Catch up on the show on Netflix and stay tuned for more updates.