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George Zimmerman‘s wife, Shellie Zimmerman, was arrested six weeks ago after lying under oath. She has made no public comment since, but today, her lawyer filed paperwork showing Shellie will plead not guilty to the perjury charges.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Shellie Zimmerman says she’s not guilty of perjury.

Her new attorney, Orlando lawyer Kelly B. Sims, today filed paperwork, entering that plea on her behalf. That means that she won’t have to show up at the Seminole County criminal building Tuesday for arraignment.

Zimmerman, 25, is accused of lying when she told Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr., while under oath, that she and her husband were broke.

At the time, prosecutors allege they had ready access to $130,000, money donated by supporters of her husband, murder defendant George Zimmerman.

The former cosmetician is free on $1,000 bail, living in hiding in Seminole County.

The charge carries a possible maximum sentence of five years in jail.

Her next court date was not immediately available.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel