George Zimmerman, the Florida man who threw a bottle at his ex-girlfriend according to a police report, is denying any wrongdoing in the incident that resulted in his arrest on aggravated assault charges. But the woman, whose name was redacted, told police her former partner became angry, throwing a wine bottle at her after she […]

What’s the cost of being found “not guilty” after a murder trial? Apparently $2.5 million. That’s how much former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman owes his legal team after they helped prove he didn’t murder 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. According to the Orlando Sentinel: Two months ago, he received a $2.5 million bill from his two lead […]

Either George Zimmerman just set himself up for failure, or his new attorney tricked everyone who watched her commentary on CNN about her sentiments on the former neighborhood watch volunteer. We’re learning that Jayne Weintraub, the attorney Zimmerman hired to replace his public defender in his recent domestic assault case, once called him a “racist” and believes the […]

George Zimmerman said to hell with appointed help. He’s fighting his most recent domestic dispute on his own terms. The former neighborhood watch volunteer, who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a gun, has dropped the public defender representing him and picked up a new Miami lawyer. According to the Orlando […]

In the midst of George Zimmerman’s legal woes, estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman appeared on the Katie show to talk about the wonderful person she once knew. In her interview with Katie Couric, which came just three days after authorities arrested Zimmerman for allegedly pointing a shotgun in his girlfriend’s face, Shellie said it seems like […]

Between the “maybe” pregnancy, the lies and the violence, George Zimmerman’s latest legal saga is turning into a Jerry Springer episode. Now, a source close to the former neighborhood watch volunteer is claiming that Samantha Scheibe, Zimmerman’s girlfriend, is vengefully framing him, adding yet another layer to this bizarre case. According to TMZ, who spoke […]

On Monday, we all sat front row as George Zimmerman’s latest domestic dispute played out in the media. But now, girlfriend Samantha Scheibe is revealing that the volatility started months before that 911 call was made. Through text messages and phone calls exchanged over the span of a few weeks, Scheibe and her mother Hope […]

Speaking out yet again, juror B29, one of the six female jurors who aided in acquitting George Zimmerman of murder, is saying once more that he belongs behind bars. The juror, also known as “Maddy,” spoke with TMZ regarding Zimmerman’s latest legal woes after he was arrested on Monday for a domestic disturbance. Juror B29 tells […]

Yesterday afternoon, George Zimmerman was thrust into the spotlight once again when police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Florida home. Only this time, Zimmerman wasn’t fighting with estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman. He brought 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe, a woman who is described as his live-in girlfriend, on the scene. The two have been residing at […]

Well, this is a fitting end to George Zimmerman’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Since Zimmerman was in a Seminole County Jail thanks to Monday’s domestic dispute with his girlfriend, estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman was able to track him down and give him something very, very important. Their divorce papers. According to TMZ: Shellie […]

So… George Zimmerman will not face any charges related to an altercation with his estranged wife. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Lake Mary, Fla. police “could not salvage” video that allegedly showed footage of Zimmerman destroying the iPad. Without that footage, police said they didn’t have enough evidence to pursue domestic violence or other charges. *Side eye* Lake Mary […]