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Either George Zimmerman just set himself up for failure, or his new attorney tricked everyone who watched her commentary on CNN about her sentiments on the former neighborhood watch volunteer.

We’re learning that Jayne Weintraub, the attorney Zimmerman hired to replace his public defender in his recent domestic assault case, once called him a “racist” and believes the controversial Stand-Your-Ground law is “terrible.”

According to Media Matters:

Weintraub, a Florida defense attorney who often appears on TV to provide the viewpoint of the defense in a criminal trial, said on the July 12 edition of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live that Stand Your Ground “is a terrible, terrible law” and that “it’s almost giving extra permission for those who carry guns.”

Remember, the law was specifically cited by a juror, although not presented by the defense, as a reason why she determined George was “not guilty.” It was also the initial reason Zimmerman was not arrested immediately after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

During the summer trial, Weintraub also tweeted this about her now client and 17-year-old Martin:

Pretty confusing, eh? Zimmerman is due back in court in January, so we’ll see what Weintraub has up her sleeve then.

SOURCE: Media Matters | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab