Your favorite face in the entertainment world could have a lot to say on guns.

In Jay, Oklahoma, a father was way too quick with his gun when he thought someone was driving off in his older son’s car. Tony Rutherford, 47, went to his older son Bryce’s home after neighbors called him saying they saw multiple cars parked in Bryce’s lot. According to The Herald Sun, Tony arrived at […]

If you needed a reason to not play with guns then a video shared over the weekend highlights why playing with guns is a horrible idea. Three people were sitting in a car at a Valero gas station near Southmore Blvd and Almeda Road in Houston. When the woman was playing with a gun, the […]

The politically-active lyricist made a lot of questionable statements in his recent NRA co-sign.

Tragedy hit a Mississippi home on Saturday when things got out of control over a video game. A 13-year-old girl was killed by her 9-year-old brother after she refused to give up her video game controller. Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said the girl was shot in the back of the head and she later […]

No one knows what it will take for the NRA to take the conversation of gun reform seriously. If they won’t listen to people’s words, maybe this classic clip from Shameless will give them a better visual understanding of the potential dangers of arming teachers with guns:   Ridiculousness.

We all enjoy stunting on the gram. Whether it’s our Christmas gifts, a nice dinner or that one time we bumped into a Mary J Blige and asked for a picture that we repost every year on her birthday. But this group of gun toting thugs thought it would be a great idea to show […]

As we reported earlier, one woman strolled into the Kardashian‘s DASH store in West Hollywood and held the cashier at gunpoint. Now this mysterious woman has been arrested. Her name is Maria Medrano and cops were able to track her down using the store’s surveillance video. Authorities went to her home on Thursday night and […]