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George Zimmerman said to hell with appointed help. He’s fighting his most recent domestic dispute on his own terms.

The former neighborhood watch volunteer, who was arrested last week for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a gun, has dropped the public defender representing him and picked up a new Miami lawyer.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

Zimmerman was represented by the 18th Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office during his first appearance before a judge on Tuesday, the day after his arrest. He was granted $9,000 bail, and bonded out that day.

However, Zimmerman has now elected to drop the Public Defender’s Office and hire Jayne Weintraub, a south Florida private criminal defense attorney, to represent him, according to his former public defender, Jeff Dowdy.

It’s unclear how Zimmerman will afford private representation. 

Interesting. Is this the same Zimmerman who told the courts after his arrest that he has less than $150 ($144 to be exact) in assets and owed $2.5 million in debt? Yes. Yes it is.

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty