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When you got grillz in your mouth, why wouldn’t you want to flaunt a bright beautiful smile that literally sparkles?

After winning the 400 meter individual medley competition, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte wanted to put on his custom-made patriotic, diamond encrusted grill across the top row of his teeth, which was meant as an homage to the ancient Olympians who used to ice out with teeth jewelry, according to Yahoo

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And even though he was forbidden to wear the grill in order to receive his gold medal, Lochte put the fronts on after he got the first place medal anyway.  

After seeing that red, white, and blue front, it’s clear like water, pun intended, that the 27-year-old swimmer has lots of swag. His affinity for grillz is definitely a representation of that.

The guy even said in a video that it’s a unique way to showcase his personality.

And though Lochte may very well be the first contemporary Olympian – like the ancients – to wear some teeth aesthetic, he’s not the first celebrity who’s had that bedazzling idea.

Paul Wall is perhaps the most synonymous when it comes to the grill game, but why wouldn’t he be? He’s a jeweler who happens to be a rapper, and Jay-Z said:

“Had the grill in 88, y’all niggas is late.”

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That being said, GlobalGrind decided to compile a list of 15 celebrities who rock grillz for their grill.

Check out the list above, and let us know what you think.

Ain’t nothing wrong with having your teeth go bling, bling like the Neptune sound!