paul wall

One Spring Hills, Texas resident honored Houston rap and brought the Christmas vibes at the same time. Frankie To-ong, an IT manager, spent over 20 years mixing music in the clubs and for a special period, he decided to program H-Town tracks with Christmas lights. Thus, a hot light show was born featuring everyone from Fat […]

When you got grillz in your mouth, why wouldn’t you want to flaunt a bright beautiful smile that literally sparkles? After winning the 400 meter individual medley competition, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte wanted to put on his custom-made patriotic, diamond encrusted grill across the top row of his teeth, which was meant as an homage to the ancient […]

Rumor has it that the “people’s champ” Mr. Paul Wall has signed a deal with Lil Wayne’s Young Money army.We haven’t heard much from the Texas rapper lately, but after a dramatic weight loss we’re pretty sure he’s ready to get back in the game. Paul Wall’s deal with Young Money hasn’t been confirmed, but […]


There has been much love and appreciation given to the service to America from the Kennedy family. I would venture to say that they are known as the most liked, iconic, social and premier political family in the history of this country.  They were a huge sense of pride and motivation for many immigrants, especially […]